07 October 2008

There is still hope for all the singles out there!

It seems more and more people in Singapore are single these days, even at the age of 30. Thus, it sparked me to do up this post, hopefully it will be able to remind / enlighten the hopeful singles out there that there are some places where you can find your potential future partner....

If I have missed out any, do leave me comments and I will add to the list!

1. SDU of course, where else but a government endorsed agency. They organize various activities like the popular Speed Dating, where you can meet many potential life partners, fast!

2. Church, where else to find eligible singles but in a church? Most church goers have no time to socialise, since they are too occupied with seminars, services and cell groups. If you want to try your luck, stake out at the Singapore Expo or Suntec on weekends, since the 3 mega churches are located at these places. Did I say CHC, FCBC and NCC?

3. Office. We spend half our day in the office, well not all, but for most workaholics like me, you spend at least 10 hours in the office, that is more than half of your non-sleeping hours. Sometimes, the person whom you might end up with is just at your next cubicle or the office next door. Open up your eyes, maybe the person you are looking for is just around the corner.

4. School, I am talking about part-time courses here. Since all the men in your office are either married, gay or ugly and the girls in your office are either too sassy or not sexy at all, go back to school. Take a part-time degree or learn a new skill like hairdressing? But choose the right courses because some courses are known to be either more male or female dominated.

5. If all of the above fails, change a new:
a)dating agency

If you do meet someone after trying out the above methods, pls share your happiness with me!

**Not tried and tested...

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Mockingbird said...

People who go to church only to look for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, are usually disappointed.

Becos the primary purpose of going to God's house is to worship Him. If we put God first, then He will bless us with a life partner eventually.

Marc, 27 said...

mockingbird, definitely, thats why this post is just for entertaining my readers.