10 October 2008

27th Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club

30 September 2008 - 1 October 2008

I would like to take this oppoortunity to thank Pauline and Jennefer for taking time off to assist me in the preparation of my birthday bash, without both of you, I would not have been able to cope....

Love you both!
Started my day at work, I took only half day leave so I reported to work as usual in the morning. At about 12.45pm, my staffs "surprised" me with a celebration. They gathered at the other room and Karen came over and tell me something happened there, I kind of suspected as it was already lunch time, and such things don't usually happen during lunch. Nonetheless, I pretended I didn't know and walked into the room.

Everyone was in the room and it was briefly decorated. Though it was not a surprise, but I was still touched. I love the presents too.

After the mini celebration, Pau, Jen and I left the office for Aranda Country Club.

Before that, we went to Hyatt Hotel to collect my cake.

This is Mezzanine, the place where I ordered my lovely 2kg chocolate cake.

Finally we reached the place. Aranda Country Club.

This Indian family before me waitied about 30 mins, lucky for me I only waited about 20 mins before they served me.

My Executive Suite number. Nice right? Because I specifically requested for this number!

Simple love the place. The hall is spacious.

The Masterbed room

Guest room

The view just outside my suite is Wild Wild Wet!

Plasma TV
No smoking in the suite

The lights in the suite are beautiful

Pau doing some decoration
A bit plain but since this was done with a heart, I have no complains

The alcohol for the night, yes, its a lot!
Not forgetting the 2 dozens of Heineken in the fridge!

Taking a picture with the most expensive alcohol that night.
Gold label Martell, because my dear friend Eddie only drinks Martell!

Catering arrived at around 6.45pm, very punctual. I had to book the internal catering as external catering wasn't allowed.
Seafood Fried Rice
Fried Hokkien Sotong Noodles
Sambal Prawn
Sambal Sotong
Curry Vegetables

Bean Curb Stuffed With Sotong Paste
Stir-Fried sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion
Wok-Fried Chicken Leg Boneless with Sze Chuan sauce & Capsicum
Fresh Fruits Platter
Gado Gado with Peanut Sauce

Almond Beancurb With Fruits
The set-up

Testing out the camera before my guests arrived

Me and Pau

Tess, Karen, Luz and Joanne
First group to start eating

Pau and Joanne
It may look very bright, but the lighting for the entire night was very dim because I wanted the "club" feel

Second group to arrive

Samantha, haven't seen her for a while now
Jason and Yun
Daven arrived his gf and Ken

Daven, Jess and Ken
Paul, Joshua and Valiant
Albert and Joanne
Joanne and Pau

I was initially apprehensive if my friends will all mingle, and I am very glad to say that most of my friends mingled among themselves.

Esther, Jay and Q
Irene and Karen

This is Irene, one of my best friends. Known her for 10 years.
More mingling

Prem and Joanne
Pau and Tess

Ken, Yun, Jason, Daven, Jess and Esther (who probably thought she was not included in the picture)
Sam and Estee
Uzair, Tess, Irene, Paul, Patrick, Luz, Alexis, Karen and Albert
Me and Pau

2 of my good friends since I joined my current company, Joshua and Yun.
Paul and Pau

Jen and Pau, my best help that night!
Jay and Q

Jay, Q and Esther
Pau and Val

Me and Ronad
Jen, Ronald and Pau

Me and Jason, one of my good brothers
Ya, we are that close.
Pau wants a part in this too
Daven and Jess. Daven is one of my army friends. Were very close during army days.
Sam and Estee, what can I say, we've known each other about 10 years too.
Me with Haze and Jeff. Known Haze for 11 years. OMG, feel so old!!!
Yun, Jason, Eunice and Joshua

Everyone wants a piece of me!
I was forced.

Patrick was my appointed sound technician that day. Thanks to him, we had great music the entire night!

Friends catching up with one another

Albert passive smoking again
All the smokers smoking excessively that night because there was a nice balcony for them to smoke

The happily married couple, Jeff and Haze
Everyone were enjoying the huge supply of alcohol, something for everyone.
Prem,Albert, Val, Uzair, Alexis, Patrick and Ronald

One of my 2 closest friends at work, Paul.

Before I knew it, the clock strucked 12!

At this point I was really overwhelmed with emotions.
Forced to give a speech, couldn't really speak properly due to the alcohol intake.

I felt like it was my wedding.

Then Jen played the video with she edited herself. A video of birthday wishes from my friends and colleagues which she haa recorded before hand.
I couldn't stop crying while watching the video. I was really touched.

And after the video, the cake was distributed.

Then it was party time, and I was quite drunk for about 1 hour.

My friends partied till about 2-3am, and only Jason, Eddie, Sarah and Yun stayed with me till morning. We didn't sleep of course.

I think the party was a success!

Enjoyed every single minute of it.

Love all my friends who turned up for my party.

May it be bigger and better next year!!!

27th Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club (Part 2)

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Anonymous said...


u made me wan to celebrate there next yr ;)


Marc, 27 said...

vic, you should, cuz the place is huge. But pls be prepared to spend a bomb if you book it on a weekend or holiday eve.

Serene said...

Sorry for not being there but im glad you have a great time with ya frens :)

Marc, 27 said...

serene, thanks! I really really had a great time, I think it is my best birthday bash so far...

Irene said...

Hey dear, glad u had great fun & enjoyed so much! A pity I couldn't stay on that night but well, even if I could stay, I probably won't be able to stay sober or awake!! haha Stunned by the drinking rate really!! So my recommendation for this place not bad right? Though a little expensive la hee...worth it afterall ya =)
Aiyo...I looked so ugly in all the foto!! gosh...heng u r the main cast heehee
Oh ya btw Mr Ronald promised me the delicious chic wings someday...can u pls do me a favour, help me remind him! haha thanks in advance! =P

Marc, 27 said...

irene, ya, its a pity u didn't stay on that night. You mean you actually asked Ronald about the delicious chicken wings that night? Surpirsed u could recognse him just from a video...

I will remind him when I see him, he is also quire busy one lor....

Graphito said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Marc! :)

Anonymous said...

heys, vic here again..

how much is it ah? it is a nice place i know ;)

haf msn? add me - revitalising@hotmail.com


Marc, 27 said...

vic, I don't really msn anymore recently. Anyway, you can go their website to find out more. Its arandaclub.org.sg. If u need any other info, u can leave yr message here, I will reply here...

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm... ok lor. :P


sharon said...

Hi! Is 2222 at second floor?

Marc said...

Sharon, yes it is.