13 September 2009

你沒想像中愛我 - 石欣卉 (一切完美主題曲)

Just finished the entire Perfect Cut 一切完美 Season 1 and 2, thanks to Singtel MioTV MobTV Select!

I applaud Julian Hee, Michelle Tay, Michelle Chia, Edmund Chen, Phyllis Quek and Thomas Ong for their great portrayal of characters!

Now I know why the drama serial is so popular when it was first televised on TV.

This is my favourite song of the entire drama:

你沒想像中愛我 by 石欣卉 Sin Huey.
Beautiful and touching song...

I hope there will be a third season...

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de-Illusionist said...

hey~ thanks for the compliment hehe! sadly there won't be any season 3 leh, cos thomas is currently working on a new series for channel U with the same production team for 一切完美. hope you will enjoy that as well