06 September 2009

The Proposal, The Final Destination, The Last House On The Left, G Force

Been catching movies almost every weekend lately.

The Proposal:

Great romantic-comedy, revolving around the unexpected romance of the lady boss and her subordinate.

Nude scene of Sandra and Ryan super hilarious, though I feel Sandra should shed some weight, I can almost see her fats oh-so-clearly on her tummy, a bit of a turn off.

The Final Destination:

This movie is gruesome! Every scene is filled with gore.

However, the storyline is very predictable, with similar plot as per last 3 installments.

It reminds me again that if one is to die, no matter how he avoids, he will still die, and the same is said for the opposite.

Some of the deaths are unrealistic though, especially the one in the Car Wash and the Swimming Pool.

Ending a little abrupt, not as good as the third installment!

The Last House On The Left:

The is the best movie among the four.

Clearly depicts the unfailing love of parents.

Also a very violent movie, with lots of blood, killing and torturing.
I felt tortured, just looking at how the rapists physically abused the lead actress and her best friend.

I must applaude the whole cast for great acting in this movie, because its so realistic, my friends and I were so packed with emotions from the beginning to the end, cringing at almost every violent scene.

Shall not elaborate, so as not to spoil the surprise twist!



Initially when my friends bought the ticket for this movie, I was like "What?!"

But after watching it, its worth every single cent of my $8.

Other than the first part where Golden Village had some technical cock-up, and the first 5 minutes of the movie was missed, the whole show was filled with laughter.

Something like Dr Dolittle, where animals can talk, and in this case, they are FBIs in the making.

Hamster, Guinea Pigs, if you love animals, you will love this movie!

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Xie Bin said...

i watched the proposal and the last house on the left! i like the last house on the left! really cool parents! nice movie indeed!

nintendo dsi r4 said...

I have been a huge fan of the Final Destination franchise for ages, and I couldn't wait to see the third movie. This film contains some of the most inventive and scariest death scenes ever. What works for me with the Final Destination films is that they are mentally scary

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