22 September 2009

Jason & Yun ROM (1)

Two of my close friends, Jason and Yun, got ROM-ed!

And since we are close friends, I was roped in, together with Eddie and Sarah, to assist in the pre-ceremony preparation and decoration.

Thats Yun, Eddie and Sarah.

They did their ROM in Sunset Bay in East Coast.

We started with putting up curtains around the premise.

Its so hot, Sarah had wet tissue on her head to keep herself cool.

The interior of the place.

A moth got stucked onto our curtain.

Painstakingly blown up by us!

We took about 2 hours to put up all the curtains, it was real HARD work!
I tols Yun and Jason, I have not done anything so strenuous ever since army days!

We were so satisfied with our own works, we started praising ourselves, and even thought we could set up an events company, doing this full time for newly weds.

Not too bad for amateurs right?

Then Jason and I proceed back to his place to change, Yun and Sarah went to do their hair and make-up, while Eddie went to buy groceries for his shop.

This is Jason's Jack Russel.
So noisy!

After chaging, we quickly rushed back to the venue to make sure everything was ok.

Those 2 big balloons were lugged from Parkway Parade all the way to East Coast, in Daven's car.
I never felt more squeezed in a car before.

Nice place, but apparently out of bounds to public.

Surrounding the place are flowers, flowers and more flowers.

Heres the close up of the blown up dolls.

This was supposedly where the ceremony was to be held.

Nice table setting done by Sunset Bay

Our decor.

Jason giving it some final touches.

Dining area

Daven and I went to the house of the Justice of the Peace, to pick her up.
You might think that I have mis-worded the title, but no, its "Justice of THE peace" and not "Justice of Peace", as corrected by the JOTP who officiated their ROM.

There she is. She is apparently the top and most famous one, sorry I forgot her name, if you need it, just leave a comment in my blog, and I will make sure I find out for you.
She is a little fussy though. Everything must be done her way, according to her timing.

She took only 10 mins to solemnise them. Fast!

Yes, if you realise, they did not utilize the beautifully done up table after all, because the solemniser "couldn't stand the heat".

Then the witnesses.

Certificate of Marriage.

The solemniser is so strict, that when the official photographer said "Could you guys pls lift up the certificate for a photograph?"
She abruptly cut in and said "No!"

Jason and Yun's family members.

(To be continued . . . )

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