10 April 2010

Manila Day One

At Departure Hall

Saw the latest Absolut Collection, planned to buy it when I returned!

I am a big fan of all Absolut bottles. Currently have about 10 bottles in my collection.

I have all of these! Hehe...
Of course, I won't forget to buy Duty Free Cigarettes.

Took a puff before boarding the plane.

Three Hours Later........
Arrived at Manila Philippines!!!
Pauline and Patrick picked me up from the airport -> Dinner!

Then they brought me to Greenbelt 5 to shop...

After more than an hour of shopping ,we decided to drop my luggage at their place first, before going to Eastwood for some drinks...

Saw this, am glad Pau still kept this photo taken during my birthday 2 years ago!

My bed :)

Bought a pair of "sandals" from Sanuk for 3000Pesos

Too bad they don't have an outlet in Singapore....

A pic outside Sanuk


Michael Jackson Impersonation

Hollywood Walk Of Fame?


We have Zirca in Singapore, they have Circa in Philippines.

We settled for some drinks at this place called G8 Avenue.

This is DELICIOUS! Lamb...

Look how satisfied Patrick and Pau are.

My not-so-nice Blue Lagoon

This is EVEN MORE DELICIOUS than the Lamb... This is Chicken Skin... Forgot the name of the dish...

Fried Chicken with Mango Mayo

They performed Fire Twirling to entertain the diners...

This is the girl behind all the twirling!
After a couple of drinks, we headed back home, and watched "My Sister's Keeper" which starred Cameron Diaz. Touching show about unconditional love.
End of Day One.

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