11 April 2010

Manila Day Two

I tried this toothpaste, and immediately fell in love with it. It is not like the usual Colgate or Darlie, where its minty. This one tastes a little bit like Sarsi, and the interesting part is, the paste is red in colour...

Its so convenient here in Manila, you don't even need to boil water, delivery of drinking water is just a call away!

KFC Delivery

In Philippines, their Chicken Set Meals come with Rice, and gravy.
Gravy somewhat similar to our Whipped Potato Gravy.

Pau and Pat brought me to their church to visit.
According to them, Victory Church is something like their City Harvest Church there.
Oh, this is their church building - one word -> PROSPEROUS!
The church is located at the Fort, which in Singapore context, they are located at Orchard Road / River Valley.

Snapped a pic from the Balcony, the main hall was full.

Their Pastor preaching.

After service, we had dinner at Andok's. My oh my, the Grilled Chicken at Andok's left me speechless, its too delicious... I miss Andok's!

These are some of the side dishes at Andok's.

Brand Ambassador, Asia Pacific... Patrick Del Rosario

Food always makes them happy...

Satisfied customer from Singapore. Bagus!

Spokesperson for Del Monte Juices, Pauline Pangan

This was my favourite drink in the Philippines.
The Four Seasons Flavoured Juice got me hooked for days!

If you are ever going to Manila, do visit Andok's!

This is the delicious Chicken I was talking about.

This one is awful. Fried Pork Chop, but there is this weird taste, thus I didn't like it very much.

A bottle of St Miguel Light for only 25 Pesos, which works out to be less than SGD$1!!!
No wonder Filipinos are mostly beer drinkers... LOL

A satisfying meal.

After dinner, we made our way to Eastwood for a movie.
However, all shows were sold out.

ARGH... all the way here and no tickets!

This candy shop sells lots and lots of Willy Wonka Sweets!!!

Beautiful lighting

Pat and I

Pau and I

No movies, thus we ended up having desserts and coffee....
La Creperie

Time for some sweets...

Cafe Latte


After the sinful desserts, we called it a day, and proceeded home to watch DVD again.
This time round we caught 13 Going on 30, and I must say Jennifer Garner is super hilarious.
Another great movie!

End of Day Two.

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David Sta. Maria said...

Just a minor correction: Every Nation is at the Fort, not Ford. It stands in a Military fort converted into a business district. Hence, the name.

Marc said...

David, thanks for the correction. Have corrected the spelling.