17 April 2010

Manila Day Three

Went to Greenhills Shopping Center in the morning, as I was visiting the Fitness First Gym for a free trial.

Before anything, I headed to Starbucks for breakfast. Starbucks breakfast in Philippines is really affordable, as compared to Singapore.

It took me a while before I finally found the building!

Gymed for about 2 hours.
Patrick was supposed to meet me for lunch, thus I shopped around V Mall before he arrived.

V Mall is something like Sim Lim Square, where most of the shops sell IT-related products, etc...

Look at the number of IT shops! (Sorry for the orientation)

Spotted this shop call iStudio. Yes, its a shop selling everything Apple.

One will be spoilt for choices here in V Mall if you are looking for IT products, because the prices here are so compeititive!

As I was just roaming around the area, guess what I saw? A church, right in the middle of 2 shopping malls.

A security guard on patrol with a guard-dog. The kids got curious, and started playing with it...
So cute.

This boy just refused to stop giving the dog his attention.

Jollibee is everywhere in Philippines, its more popular than McDonalds and KFC, as told by most Filipinos.

Cute small little puppies in a Pet Shop.

Arcade in the middle of a Food Court. Weird.

A massage service by the Visually Impaired.

More shops, even along the bridge...

We will be having out lunch at Mcdonalds.

Krispy Kreme.
In the past, the nearest country (to Singapore) you could find Krispy Kreme was the Philippines.
But now, they also have Krispy Kreme in KL, Malaysia.

A fierce looking security guard outside Mcdonalds.
Oh, its very common to have a guard everywhere in the Philippines.
You can find a guard in a mall, a convenience store, a boutique, a Food Court, a FastFood Restaurant, you get the idea.

Another security guard, you know what I mean now?

The first computerized parking system in the Philippines.

Finally, Patrick reached, and we proceeded straight to Mcdonalds.

Well, in Philippines, every other meal is served with Rice.

Patrick had pasta.

The Nuggets in Singapore is still better.

After lunch, we headed to Resorts World Manila.
Well, I was telling Patrick, since I wouldn't pay $100 for the levy in Singapore, I might as well make full use of my time, and check out the Manila version of Resorts World.

Marriott, just beside Resorts World.

Only pictures up to this point, because no cameras allowed in the Casino.
I only spent 1000 Pesos in the Casino, all on the Monopoly Jackpot machine.
A welcome pack.

We then met up with Pauline, who was coffee-ing at Bo's Coffee.

After coffee, we headed back to the condo.
Pat cooked dinner, and we all called for a masseur each to relieve our aching muscles.
Massage was great, and cheap!
No DVDs today, because the massage made all of us tired, so we rested early.
End of Day 3.

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