24 April 2010

Manila Day Six

This day, I visited Trinoma, one of the more upmarket malls in Manila.
And just in case you didn't know, and is interested to know, Trinoma stands for Triangle North of Manila. And yes, its to the North of Manila, literally.

I had a purpose in visiting Trinoma. I had wanted to go to this shop by the name of Euro Edition, where I bought my favourite black jeans from. However, upon reaching Trinoma, I was told by the concierge that Euro Edition has just wound up their business the week before.


Was disappointed, but told myself since I was already there, I had to shop to my heart's content!

First shop, of course, Bench. Bench is one of my favourite departmental stores in the Philippines, because they sell almost anything and everything, from Tops, to Jean,, to Shoes, and even Underwear!

Past by Goldilocks, but no, I did not buy anything because I still had 4 days left in the Philippines, and if I had bought the Cheese Bun then, they would all have expired by the time I returned to Singapore.

SuperBowl of China serves Asian Cuisine. Tried the food here the last time I was in Manila, and told myself never to step in there again.

The mall directory in Trinoma. Not that it is any informative.

Took my lunch at Max's. All Filipinos will tell you they serve great Chicken!

Don't ask me what their slogan mean! I seriously don't know.


Table setting


Lunch crowd

Mango Juice

Mixed Vegetables - Nice, but portion was a little too large.

Salted Bangus. Not too good, full of vinegar taste that made it a tad too sour!

My entire meal was 370 Pesos. Not too bad considering its a proper full service restaurant.

Continued shopping.
Some of the interesting shops in Trinoma.

This is opened by Vicky Belo. Vicky Belo is a very famous Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Centre in the Philippines, something like our Colin Tham / Woffles Wu / JJ.

Feels good to see something Singapore.

Guess what this is? Its a box of Ensaymada, aka, cheese buns. I spotted this shop which sells lots and lots of Ensaymada with expiration date as late as 2 weeks later, thus I decided to buy, for my beloved colleagues.

Don't talk about this anymore. All 12 of these Wriggley's Chewing Gum got confiscated at the Custom.

Love this candy since I was a child!

I was home early, so I called for Massage again and paid 1000 Pesos for a 2 hour full body massage! :)

Patrick arrived home and cooked dinner for us!

Oh my, this Fiesta Ham was so tasty!!! It tastes a little like our Bak Kwa or BBQ Sliced Pork, but nicer...

Corned Beef. Although the dishes were simple, but somehow I loved them!

No DVDs today either. Was a long day for all 3 of us, so we rested early.

End of Day 6.

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eneres said...

I love Ensaymada.. my colleagues from phil always buy when they visit our office :D

Marc said...

eneres, you should ask your colleagues to buy the "Salted Egg" flavour if they ever buy for you again.

The chocolate and Cheese one is nothing compared to the Salted Egg one.