27 December 2008

Don't ever leave your laptop with your grandmother!

Do not ever leave your laptop with your grandmother!

Don't know why?

Watch this video and you will know why!

Don't you think this TV commercial is creative?

Thumbs up to the creative team behind this Lenovo commerical!

6 Macro Voice(s):

Fresh7788 said...

omg tat is a really good commercial/ad. super creative.

but if tat really happened im gonna strangle my granny...hahaha. or get her to buy a new one. or prolly the laptop will blowup the moment she puts it in the oven,uh ?

Anonymous said...

haha very creatve! =)

eneres said...

haha interesting but scary too!

adidasfreak aka joshua said...

checked it out! :)

yes really funny! hahaha.
they should show it still working and stuff.

Anonymous said...

nice commercial

Jez said...

hahahahaha......love the commercial. but i hope it wont happen to me.hahahaha

happy new year marc!