12 December 2008

新海山海鲜 Sin Hoi San Seafood Restaurant

This is a long overdue post.

My sister and I brought our dad to 新海山海鲜 last month to celebrate his birthday. It was my first time there, and since it was highly recommended, we decided on the place weeks before the actual day.

Apparently this "restaurant" is recommended by quite a number of food critics, so it must be good right?

When I got there, I realise its not exactly a restaurant, its a coffeeshop.

Simply: Coffeeshop with restaurant prices AND coffeeshop SERVICE.

Now let me begin.

Its located at Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road.

Sorry for the lousy pics because that was the day my camera was SPOILT!

Sweet and sour pork / fish, I cannot remember, means its forgetable.

This fried "Dang Hoon" is pretty good.

Fried Kang Kong was ok, but of course not the best I have eaten.

Steamed fish - This one is good. The sauce is delicious.I don't usually like to eat steamed fish, but because this one was so delicious, I attacked it all night.

Chilli - One word: LOUSY. So spicy, no other taste. A good belachan should be spicy, tangy and fragrant. Hard to describe, basically the ones you get in Cantonese Restaurants.

Chilli Crab. So so. Not in the top 5 crabs I have eaten. I asked for more sauce, and guess what the "captain / lady boss" said? "Already a lot of sauce, too much is not nice to eat." (Pls cut me the preaching, just tell me you are too stingy to give!)

I was so pissed, I felt like telling her, "Don't teach me how to eat crab, especially Chilli Crab because I have eaten almost every single good Chilli Crab stalls in Singapore!!"
What is chilli crab without a lot of sauce?

Can't give more? Then maybe you should lower your price to low end coffeeshop price, I won't even bother asking for more sauce, but since I was paying restaurant price (in a hot stuffy place with no air-con), yes, I expect the food to be TIP TOP!


Gong Bao Live Frog. Forgetable again. Still prefer Geylang la.


Presentation: Average, like any "Tze Char" stall

Taste: Not something I would rave about

Quality: Fish was fresh.

Ambience: What ambience?

Crowd: Families, and apparently Hong Kong stars??? Someone pls bring these stars to Roland or Jumbo!!!

Service: Does this word exist in their dictionary? They are even slow in billing!

Value for Money: No, we spent about $200? I cannot remember.

Overall: Slightly below average.

3 Macro Voice(s):

Simon Seow said...

For that kind of price, I can feast like a king in Klang.

Marc said...

simon, i know, i regret eating there too. Food expensive and lousy service.

pr1mero said...

Omg I feel pissed FOR you just reading about the stingy ass who didn't wanna spare SOME sauce. And for $200, a bit of sauce also can compensate to a certain extent right?