05 December 2008

Zodiac 2009 (Part 8 of 12 - Goat)

羊Goat Born in: 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

Intelligent with a mind for business. She has artistic inclination who tend to be pessimistic. Good natured and generous but can be undisciplined and irresponsible. May have somewhat antisocial tendencies. The Sheep is also indecisive and too passive. Yet she has fantastic luck in her life.

This is the most feminine sign of the zodiac. A person of the Goat year is called the Good Samaritan of the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and easily taken in by sob stories. He is likely to be mild-mannered, even shy. At his best, he is artistic, fashionable and a creative worker. At his worst, he tends to be easily overcome by his emotions, pessimistic and withdrawn.

The Goat is known for his gentle and compassionate ways. He can forgive easily and be understanding about others faults. He dislikes strict schedules and cannot take too much discipline or criticism. Fond of children and animals, he is close to nature and a general homebody. The Goat is apt to mother or even smother the objects of his affections. He is possessed by varying moods and finds it impossible to work under pressure. He also finds it difficult to be objective.

The Goat likes: Pleasure, Culture, Harmony, Space, Literature, Quiet, Freedom and Wit
The Goat dislikes: Noise, War, Paperwork, Beggar, Politics, Bills and Inelegance.

Compatible Animals: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Your Luck In Year 2009
Overall Forecast

A year where the Goat zodiac clashes with Tai Sui. A not so favorable luck for the year. Evil stars also appear to add pressure. A resolving star that is present is not a match for all these evil stars. You have to be on constant alert, and mull over issues thrice before coming to a decision. And caution against vile person plots and gossips. Take good care of your health and well being. DO not take loans or be guarantors for others.You have to be prepared for any sudden events this year. Handle all caution against accidents. Show care and concern to your lover.

Every undertaking is against your wishes. A time to be on the defensive position. Make prudent decisions when on business or investment grounds. You are advised to treat your colleague, staff and clients with friendliness and kindness to go through this tough period. Never attempt any speculative and quick buck schemes this year. It is also not a good time to partner with others for business opportunities. Scrutinize your contracts well before signing. Handle documents with care.

Love luck is full of untamed waves of fluctuations. Mood swings and emotional changes are too great. Coupled with vile persons causing sabotage, conflicts with your love ones are bound to occur. But you can resolve it by being more tolerant. Show respect and more affection to your dearest.

Your wealth luck hits the pit this year. Be prudent with regard to managing your wealth. You cannot afford to be negligent with clients. You may face possible loss of wealth to save your day or in the extreme case, gain extremely large amount of wealth. But you have to curb your gambling activities and do not act as guarantors for others.

Because of the immense level of stress hovering over your shoulder, it is taking a toll on your health. Be cautions against cuts and injuries. Seek treatment immediately if ill. Have preventive measure with regards to your flu, eye or mind health. Avoid water activities when outdoors.


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adidasfreak aka joshua said...

unfortunately the goat's predictions aint so good! be careful with ur wealth especially. it seems to be pointed out quite badly. where did u get all those information from anyway?

and i'll be taking the Horse '09's predictions! kudos to u! :).

Marc said...

joshua, i have got permission from geomancy hut to publish the zodiac series. You can see their credits after every zodiac post.

Simon Seow said...

Zodiac is too general. It's only 1/4 of the Bazi which also consist of time, day and month of the birth date. Clashes is not bad at all if it clashes away unfavourable elements in the bazi. For my bazi it clashes away the earth element which is an unfavourable my my weak Bing(Yang Fire) Day Master. My day master is weak because I was born in the month of Autumm where the fire element is Trap.

Marc said...

simon, u r right. zodiac is general. in fact on one should believe 100% and lead their lives believing zodiac whileheartely. importantly, we should only read it for leisure.

afterall, I believe our lives have been planned differently for everyone, so why would every person with a particular zodiac has a similar prediction?

in fact, most of the time when u find it accurate, it is because zodiac always uses very general terms and descriptions, and its likely to create similarities with the one who is reading it.