28 November 2008

Will Singapore Cut GST?

I wonder will Singapore also follow the British government in cutting the GST (Goods and Services Tax) to a lower percentage, now that we are in recession.

On Monday, the British government announced a temporary cut in its version of the GST - called value added tax - from 17.5% to 15%.

Last July, the Singapore government just raised the GST, from 5% to 7%.

I hope the government can consider lowering GST back to 5% as I strongly believe it will lighten the burden of most Singaporeans, especially the lower income families.

Salary has been cut.
Standard of living has been raised.

Now the question is:

GST? To remain or to cut?

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weijie said...

althou i still a student i hope can cut GST , LOL .

btw , can put back tagboard at the side ? easier to communicate leh . ha ha ha .


Jason said...

I cant find ur chatbox, sory to made these comment here, hope u dun mind. I made new annoucement on my blog, mind to take a look? THX=)

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

GST cut to stimulate economy via consumer spending.

GST dun cut so that Government can fund more social projects.

So answer should be cut then dun cut then cut then dun cut then ... :D

adidasfreak aka joshua said...

well i think the government should cut GST. it's to promote consumer spending. the government has to be the trigger!

and cool blog btw. read thru many of ur posts. really interesting i think! haha :).

care to link me up too? hahaha. make me that 156th :). and oh btw, do i know u personally? haha.

Marc said...

weijie, i dont intend to put the tag board becuz I want to control comments and tags. Sorry ah.

jason, sure will visit your blog right away.

terence, what are you talking about? haha. so confusing...

joshua, I have linked u as per your request. And, no, we do not know each other personally.

pr1mero said...

A student with a struggling money problem... and I'm not a gambler either.

I SAY CUT with a big fat ribbon scissors, and HOORAY the nation celebrates, non?