07 November 2008

Zodiac 2009 (Part 5 of 12 - Dragon)

龙Dragon Born in: 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000

Magical, shrewd, intuitive, artistic and very lucky. Alternately, can be stubborn, irritable and impulsive. Can also be rather worldly and hard to get close to. Full of vitality, self assured, bright and master of success. Somewhat proud and quick-tempered, the Dragon personality is always attractive.

The mighty and magnificent Dragon of mythical folklore never ceases to enchant or stir the imagination. The Dragon person is magnanimous and full of vitality and strength. To him life is a blaze of colors and he is constantly on the go. Egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic, whimsical or terribly demanding and unreasonable, he is still never without a band of admirers. Proud, aristocratic and very direct, the Dragon-born establishes his ideals early in life and demands the same high standards and perfection from others that he has for himself.

The powerful Dragon is difficult to contest, at times even impossible. He tends to intimidate those who dare challenge him. An angry, spurned Dragon could be like the big bad wolf at your door. He'll huff and he'll puff until he blows your house down.

In spite of his volcano of emotions, the Dragon cannot be said to be sentimental, sensitive or very romantic. He takes love and adulation for granted: they are his just due. But while he maybe stubborn, irrational and overbearing when irked, the Dragon can forgive you the moment he gets over his outbursts. And since things are supposed to work both ways, he expects your forgiveness for his errors, too.

The Dragon likes: Festivals, Control, Wealth, Comfort, Concerts, Antique and Decadence.

The Dragon dislikes: Boredom, Cold, Dullness, Hunger, Hypocrisy and Quietness.

Compatible Animals: Rat, Monkey, Rooster

Your Luck In Year 2009
Overall Forecast
You are happily accompanied by many auspicious stars beside the little disturbance caused by some danger stars. Most undertakings are successful than normal. Eminent aid is the key factor to the smooth results in your career and or career change. Dragon are really suited to make good overseas. So long as you are mindful of your words and actions, you should be doing fine. Take good care of your eyes and also that of personal hygiene. Have adequate rest too. There are many joyous news this year. Couples are affectionate and blissful. There’s possible offspring luck.

You undergo an extraordinary smooth sailing luck for the year. Extremely favourable to roll out any plans, be entrepreneur, or to change jobs. There are chances to make it big overseas. Besides the congregation of lucky stars, noble stars are strong in their aid. Do not be hasty; be modest and morally disciplined. Do not get tempted by lust or get into conflict.

There are impediments in the romance luck all because of interference made by vile persons. Caution against deceitful words which can cause conflicts with someone you care. Maintain this relationship carefully with affection, trust and communication. There is offspring luck. Show more care to your pregnant spouse.

Wealth luck is superb, which is beneficial to both income and windfall luck. But do not be greedy. Business dealings are smooth. But you have to be wary of sexual traps, as it may cause you loss of wealth and reputation. Preserve your wealth if possible such as purchasing properties.

It is pretty alright with regards to your health. But hectic social networking sessions cause you to overload with alcohol and cigarettes. This is harmful to your health. Take good care of your digestive systems. Have preventive measures against the flu. Build up your constitution and take a wholesome diet.



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