26 November 2008

I do... agree to abide by these rules

Well, if I have a SGD$20million dowry, I would agree to those rules too....


According to Hong Kong Magazine Xingdao Daily, Michelle Reis had to agree to eight "house rules" before Julian Hui's family consented to their marriage.

Since they started dating in 2006, there have been reports that the Hui family did not approve of Michelle.

In August 2007, Michelle also made public that she could not get along with Julian's friends, and they appeared to have broken up. But not long after, they were spotted hand in hand again, and he even demonstrated his affections for her by giving her a car.

In September, when she was not present at the Hui family's Mid-Autumn reunion dinner, there was again speculation of the family's objections.

But the actress has been trying diligently to make a more favourable impression on her in-laws.

Not only did she agree to abide by their traditions and strictures as expected of a daughter-in-law, she also agreed to be more low-key in public as is the family's modus operandi.

Sources close to the actress say that she was very respectful towards her in-laws and did not put on any airs with them.

She would even kneel down to serve tea to them on their birthdays and during Chinese New Year.

The couple, who were often caught on camera behaving intimately, have also agreed to stop their public displays of affection at their family's request.

The eight "house rules" she has to abide by are:

1. Reis' family is not entitled to any allowances after they accept her dowry of HK$1 billion (S$19.5 million)
2. Unless absolutely necessary, she should not stay overnight with her family
3. She has to serve tea to her elders during festivals
4. She has to eat dinner at home at least twice a week
5. She should not appear in the media unless absolutely necessary
6. She should not attract too much media attention
7. She should dress and behave more conservatively
8. The couple should not behave intimately in public

(News from Asiaone)

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