16 November 2008


As I have been pretty busy for the last 1 week, and will be busy the next 1 week, I would be taking a short break from blogging.

In the mean time, do check out these recent posts:

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27th Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club (Part 2)

27th Birthday Bash at Aranda Country Club

Hope they entertained you.

See you soon!

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hi there Marc,
I already linked you and added you in my blog roll.
thanks for the visit :)

Calvyn said...

hey Marc, linked you in my blog roll already, some more in feature blog list... just link me with 'IT Engineer" at iCalvyn.com


Marc said...

Anonymous Girl and calvyn, I have added both of you as per your request!

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

visiting here.. thanks for the add..

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

hi marc,
visiting here..
thanks for the add :)

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

dropping by to say "Hello!!". Cheers! :)

Marc said...

Donna and Terence, thanks for dropping by...