03 November 2008

Curry Fish Head

This conversation took place while me, S and E were having Curry Fish Head at Station Kitchen in St James Power Station. Its damm funny....

M: How come this curry fish head has so little meat one? I think they are cheating our money!

At this point, E started looking for whatever she could eat from the pot as there were a lot of other ingredients like brinjal in it. Then she scooped up something translucent in colour.

S: Eeee, darling, don't eat that, its the fish stomach I think!

M: But I thought eating stomach is good for stomach? There is a Chinese saying... "Yi3 Xing2 Bu3 Xing2"?

(E looking very puzzled)
E: I thought this is Curry Fish HEAD? I don't think there is stomach inside?

Me, S and E burst out laughing......

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