25 December 2008

Hangover Cures

Thanks to Xiaxue you will never have to struggle with a bad hangover again!

BUT WAIT......

Do these methods really work?

I doubt so.........

I know of a few other hangover cures though
1) Take Paracetamol
2) Gulp down a can of Cola
3) Drink lots and lots of coffee or tea (preferable without sugar and milk)

3 Macro Voice(s):

^^TeReNcE^^ said...

time flies... christmas over le.. CNY coming real soon lor. :)

Xie Bin said...

hi marc!!! thanks for your christmas greetings!!! :D hope your christmas was a good one this year! hangover cures huh? did you suffer a bad hangover or something? haha!

Marc said...

^^TeReNcE^^, indeed time flies, and time flew really fast for me this year. Now i can't wait for CNY!! I love the gambling, gatherings, etc!

xie bin, nope I did not suffer from hangover, don't worry, I am just preparing my readers for post Christmas and New Year parties hangover. cheers!