08 December 2008

Best 50 Reviews on OSIM and a FREE Massage Pen!

The other day, I received a pleasant surprise when I checked my Yahoo mail. I received an email from OSIM. Apparently my post on the OSIM iLife (posted in August) has gotten the attention from the marketing people at OSIM, and they have selected my review as "one of the best 50 reviews on OSIM.com".

This took me by surprise because I really didn't expect that.

The kind people at OSIM are now rewarding me with the OSIM Massage Pen.

Well, I really don't know how the massage pen works, but I will definitely write about it after I claim my prize.

5 Macro Voice(s):

Jason said...

hello! how did u get to my blog?

Serene said...


Massage pen.. sounds interesting... hope to hear abt this pen from you soon

david santos said...

Great work! Congratulations!!!!

Marc said...

jason, i chanced upon your blog while I was blog-hopping.

serene, thanks, and I can't wait to get the pen too!

david, thanks... and thanks for dropping by my blog for the first time too.

pr1mero said...

Is the "massage pen" a marketing gimmick or does it really vibrate and massage some muscles: let's say fingers?

A vibrating pen.


Whoops sorry I got carried away thinking about some SIMILAR instruments. ;) ;)