26 March 2009

Scandalous 2

A certain A-list hot, young actor (lets call him Net) has been seen in Media**** behaving intimately with another A-list hot, young actor. These 2 actors are currently 2 of the hottest young studs in that hill, and apparently the shocking part is they were pretty normal before they got into showbiz. But why the sudden change in preferences?

Its also rumoured that Net almost got the exact same deal as the other thirty-something hotbod actor (826) who got to star in many movie roles all thanks to a certain Managing Director of a certain "Film Company" closely related to Media**** (Rainforest).

Apparently, 826 sleeps (it is 'sleep' and not 'slept', because its still going on) with the head honcho of Rainforest to get the exclusive deal of starring in almost every other movie, sponsored or distributed by Rainforest.

It seems like these days its the male actors who are more hungry for fame than the female counterparts?

2 Macro Voice(s):

Anonymous said...

are u from AMU?? haaaa... so is 826 a guy?? or a real man who force himself to be one??

Marc said...

Anonymous, I am not from AMU, but I have a friend from there, I also have friends working in Mediacorp. Keke.