08 January 2010

Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas is all about giving and receiving presents.

After this one, we had another one among ourselves....

We gathered in Sam's room to exchange our presents. We had picked who to buy the present for beforehand.

Ella cam-whoring.


Albert's present for Ella

Ella describing the receiver of her present.

Ella handing her present to Prue.

Prue describing the receiver of her present.

Prue handing her present to Joanna.

Joanna describing the receiver of her present, and getting all excited.

Her present was for Albert, I went with her in search of this present.... LOL

Patrick's turn.

His present was for Kelly.

And Kelly's present is for . .. . . .

.. . .. .Rashida!

Rashida handling her present to Patrick

Me giving the present to Rashida

After everyone got their fair share of presents, it was feasting time!
I ordered KFC for everyone, and we ate in the Interview Room.... Haha

It was A LOT of CHICKEN in a day!!!

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