01 January 2010

Order Your Bed Online - Hassle Free & Convenient!

If you have been following my blog, you would have read one of my posts just a week ago about my bad experience with Bed Bugs! I have since solved the issue, firstly by getting the Pest Control company to fumigate my house. Secondly, I bought myself a new Queen-size bed!

Today, I want to introduce everyone a great way to shop for your next new bed, without the need to drag yourself to a retail shop and physically shopping for it. This is especially useful if you have an urgent need to get your bed replaced immediately, and you do not have time on your side.


This was where I "shopped" for my bed!



Upon reaching the website, I zoomed in straight to the "Best Sellers" section and checked out what they have got.

As I wanted something really economical, "Wasaly Luxury Mattress $150 Nett" naturally caught my attention.

They have clear pictures there so you know exactly what you are getting. They even have precise measurements of the product.

The whole shopping process, in just 3 simple steps!

STEP 1: Enter Delivery Details

STEP 2: Choose Delivery Date

STEP 3: Confirm Your Order

VOILA! The next thing you know, they send you an invoice and confirmation to your email.

One of the best part about shopping in this website is that you do not have to enter credit card details, its Cash On Delivery!

Exactly 2 days later, the bed was promptly delivered to my home!

The next time if you need to get yourself or your family a new bed, do consider shopping online at:
I am extremely satisfied!

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