10 January 2010

Han River Table Barbeque @ Simei Eastpoint Mall

Gary organized a Christmas dinner at Han River Table BBQ which is located at Eastpoint Mall at Simei. Initially we were wondering why we did not go to Seoul Garden, since its the more popular one. But judging from how Gary was raving about the food in Han River, we decided to give it a try, despite the distance.

I was there early, lucky there was a performance going on.

This Tenor was entertaining the crowd, belting out numbers ranging from MandoPop to Christmas Carols!

Heres a short chorus of 蕭敬騰 Jam Siao's 原諒我

I think this guy does better in his Christmas Carols performances.
This is a short clip of him singing Silent Night.
Absolutely heart-warming....

Then the rest arrived, and we made our way to Han River Table Barbeque Restaurant!

This is the lard for cooking, which all of us agreed looks like a cone of vanilla ice-cream.... LOL

One difference about Han River and Seoul Garden.
Seoul Garden - free flow of soft drinks
Han River - $15 per jug of soft drinks

George and Kelvin looking really bored, while we were waiting for the late-comers.
Oh, this dinner was organized for 12 people.

They also have a menu, so if you would like to order Ala-carte food, you can do so.
Han River is certified Halal, thus if you are Muslim, you can also consider dining here.
That day, the whole restaurant was mostly Malays, we were really the odd ones out.

Han River has a very wide selection of raw and cooked food, to suit different individuals.
Unfortunately, I was stopped by the Manager, when I attempted to take pictures of the various food station, thus, I would only be showing pictures of food on my table. :(

Yeah, it as here that the Manager said "Sorry, we do not allow photo-taking here."
Haha, what me I? A spy from Seoul Garden?
This restaurant obviously doesn't know what is Viral Advertising, doesn't he know that people these days like to blog about restaurants, and these posts give restaurants FREE ADVERTIZING?!?!

Chicken, Prawns, Sotong, and Beef


Fried food, like Calamari, Nuggets, Wantan, etc....


Sichuan Vegetables, Mushrooms, Button Mushrooms, Salted Vegetables....

Yong Tau Foo ingredients, as well as Crab...

Some of the Yong Tau Foo ingredients...

We took the Herbal Chicken Soup Base
They also have Tom Yam

The fried food was really delicious, so we kept taking... Haha

Well, I am not such a buffet person afterall, I was full after only 1 hour, thus I went ahead and indulge in my Peppermint Ice-cream with Chocolate Rice....
2 times! 3 scoops per time! SINFUL!

My God, we are eating all these carbon!

After a while, the soup was really delicious! It was full of the Mushroom and Crab taste, which we had abundantly dumped in....

Happy and satisfied customers, Alvin and Gary.

The have a wide selection of fruits here too.
Dragonfruit was one of them.

A group picture before we departed.
We ate for 2 hours.
All in all, inclusive of 2 jugs of soft drinks throughout the dinner, each person paid about $22 on a Saturday. ECONOMICAL!

Comparing to Seoul Garden's $29 on a weekend, this is much more affordable.
PLUS, MORE IMPORTANTLY, personally, I would prefer Han River to Seoul Garden because when we walked out of the place, we do not smell like Seoul Garden, Charcoaled, Smelly and barbequed!
Its either they have a good ventilation here, or Seoul Garden is badly ventilated, because whenever one dines in Seoul Garden, he/she will walk out smelling really bad!

They have lots of Lunch and Dinner promotion too.

Han River Table Barbeque
Eastpoint Mall, Simei

This is a shot I took when I was outside the restaurant. This is 1/3 of the full selection.

No, I am not paid to rave about Han River, I am just a satisfied customer giving my review.

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