15 January 2010

New MSN Messenger Virus! BE CAREFUL!!! - "Diana's Revenge"

Most of you are familiar with the usual MSN virus, where your real friend, whose probably infected with virus, will "chat" with you, and tell you something very random like "Hey, you look stupid in our photos, check it out www.stupididiots.com"....

I usually ignore those.

This morning, when I logged on to my MSN, OMFG, someone added me (singhyu24@hotmail.com). I usually will just accept even though its not a familiar address or name.

After accepting her, I suspected its a virus, because she said she is the ex of a friend of mine, and wanted to show me SEX videos of themselves, and the reason why she is doing that, is because she wants to plant a revenge on him since he cheated on her.

Seriously, I know all my friends quite well la, so if a couple were to break up, I would know la, so good try.

The conversation looked auto-generated, so pls be careful if you encounter something similar!!!

Click on the 2 pictures to enlarge to read my conversation with "her"!!!

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cr3ap said...

Ya, same goes to me. I recently added someone which keeps posting to you about those stuffs when you clicked his/her name. I think it's a virus so I just ignore him/her. Just deleted from my msn so that he/she will not bother me anymore.

Regards from cr3ap

Melissa said...

allyson_brooks37r@hotmail.com is the new scam address being used. "She" just added me a few minutes ago with the same messages about her ex cheating on her.

Anonymous said...

allisonwatts25o@hotmail.comis the same one too I HATE THIS FUKING LOSERS THT MAKE THIS VIRUSES THEY SHOULDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY PAINFULLY

Anonymous said...

And how did you deal with it!!

Marc said...

i blocked n deleted it after i found out. u will keep receiving requests to add as friend for a period of time. Perservere, keep rejecting those request, block them, and they will eventually stop coming.