22 January 2010

Touched By An Angel MTV - Sezairi Sezali (With Full Lyrics)

Today, I finally saw the official MTV of "Touched By An Angel" by Sezairi Sezali on Channel 5. I immediately went onto the internet to source for it, because I badly want to share this beautiful song with the whole Singapore. I was personally very touched by the song and the meaningful lyrics, I hope you will be too.

When I first heard it on the Singapore Idol Finale, I thought it was a really nice song. For those who are still unaware, the song is composed by Ken Lim himself, one of the three Singapore Idol Judges. In fact all past Singapore Idol Winner songs were also composed by Ken.

Here is the MTV, please enjoy... Lyrics are below, and also on Youtube:

Touched By An Angel MTV- Sezairi Sezali (Full Lyrics)

My world had just gone by
Always darkened skies
There was no reason to try
Never could fly

Now I'm tired of searching
And wondering why
Its not really all that, much far
Reaching out for stars

Time to reach out
Time to be who I am
Who I am

Finally, I believe
My dreams will unfold
Its like being touched by an angel
A brand new beginning
Its amazing
This is, a moment, I will remember

Finally, I can feel
Heaven on earth
Its like being touched by an angel
My world is changing
I'm living out loud
Feels like, I've been, touched by an angel above


By an angel

Living out loud
Feels like, I've been, touched by an angel above

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Isaac said...

Wow! I am impressed by how fast Sezairi was given so many opportunities. Good for him!

Btw, hope u can visit my blog and click my nuffnang ads. Will help to click urs too whenever they appear :)

Cheers to all Singaporean bloggers,

Marc said...

Isaac, I guess Sezairi has the opportunities because he has a unique voice. However, the sad truth is, these Singapore Idol Winners, always disappear from the English Pop Scene, faster than you can say POP.

Like Hady and Taufik, Sezairi might end up conquering the Malaysia and Indonesia Malay-speaking market instead.