26 December 2009

Col Colostrum (Peach Infusion)

This is not an unusual sight in Raffles Place. When you see this, is means two things:

1. Free things being given away.


2. Something unusual like "A Flash Mob" or "An interesting Marketing Campaign".

This time round, its the former.

As the queue wasn't long, and the "item" being given away looks cool enough to make me curious, we decided to join the queue!

Some new "Yakult-tasting" drink call Col+ Colostrum, which look sadly like a Deodorant or a Hair Spray. It doesn't look healthy, as it claims, it looks toxic. Haha.
I got the Peach Infusion Flavour, and I think I shall stick to Yakult.

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Anonymous said...

some has blogged about this drink too


Marc said...

Hi Anonymous, thank you for the info. Haha. :)