28 November 2008

You Could Be Their Victim

If you do not want to be the next victim of thieves, please be vigilant!

1. Do not leave valuables like mobile phones and wallet on the table when you are eating, not even when you are in a big group. Thieves are faster than you think.

2. Do not hang your bag at the back of the chair or leave it unattended in a crowded place / food court / coffeeshop.

3. Do not be distracted when someone knocks onto you, or spills something on you. If this happens, please immediately check your belongings.

4. When you spot someone suspicious, please be mindful of your belongings.

5. Do not count / flaunt your cash openly in public.

6. When someone suddenly comes too close for comfort to ask for direction or time, beware of pickpockets.

7. When walking on a pavement along the road, do not sling your bag on the side of the road. Instead, sling it on the pavement side. Also, always walk in the opposite direction facing oncoming traffic.

8. Never leave your cashcard, briefcase, laptops, wallets in your vehicle.

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