08 October 2009

28th Birthday Bash at Intercontinental Hotel Suite (Day 1)

This year I celebrated my birthday with more luxury.

Booked the Intercontinental Hotel Suite for 2 consecutive nights, to celebrate my special day, with 2 separate groups of friends.

Ipod Dock, so thoughtful!

Bose Speakers

I love the mini liquors.

With the help of Yun, we prepared some light snacks for about 15 of my close friends.

Finally its night time, it means my friends are arriving!

Every year, Sam would be the first few to reach, because she is so punctual!
This year, she came with Dylan.


Daven and his friend.

Dylan and Samantha

Marco and Joanne

Ping and Esther


Pictures not well taken, because it was placed on the Plasma TV, taken with the timer function.

My beautiful and delicious Specialty Chocolate Cake from the Olive Tree Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel Singapore.

Looked so lost.

Looked so sleepy.

Happy Birthday to Marc....

Cut the cake

"Someone pls come and help me cut the cake."

Look at how chocolatey the cake is!

Esther to the rescue!

Look who is here: Josh and Doreena! Rare guests!

One of my best bro, Jason.

And of course, Irene is my closest friend ever.
She will not miss my birthday for anything, she rushed all the way down from Rasa Sentosa after a wedding.

Ensuring everyone got a piece of the cake

Everyone is happy because the cake really tasted very extraordinarily great!

This is reserved for my friends who were coming later, like Simon, Sarah and Eddie.

Samantha and I

Samantha never grows old, she only grows prettier...

Samanth, Dylan and I

Josh and Doreena

Irene and I

Ping and I

Irene, Kelvin and Joanne

George and Marco

Yun and Esther

Marco, Joanne, me, Kelvin and George

Simon showing his magic tricks again, to new unsuspecting "victims".

Sarah and Eddie, rushed all the way down after closing their shop.

Entertaining and amazing my friends with his card tricks.
Simon is really good, he is the best I have seen among friends.

Jason and I

Sarah and I

Eddie and I

A birthday Kiss from my bro.

Jason also want to do his thing....

They said Doreena was a good audience because she was very easily amazed by every trick.

Eddie looking on...

Simon drunk...

Jason and Simon on the bed.

Eddie and Sarah were the last the leave at around 7am.
We drank all the way, and nope, I didn't get drunk this year.
Simon was sleeping, so technically, he was the "real" last one to leave on my first day.
Looking forward to the next day as it was going to be another bunch of friends altogether!

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