27 October 2009

Ris Low - Shingz

In this video, Ris Low shares that she is currently taking English Lessons in NUS, sponsored by the "Speak English Movement".

Actually you know what? I am starting to like her, she is really very confident, and despite all the negative reporting, she is still so comfortable with herself.

And in case you have not heard, Ris has introduced another new word to Singapore and the World....


Definition of SHINGZ (according to Ris Low):
"Shucks", Whatever, can replace the word "Fuck".

Example: "Oh my God, this is so Shingz, I can't stand you anymore, please talk to my hand."

Opposite of: Boomz

I hope Singaporeans can give her a break, and a chance.

Enjoy the video - The Shan and Roz Show - The Boomz Girl.

Disclaimer: Contains unpleasant Dialect and English vulgarities.

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Jimmy T said...


kenwooi said...

everyone is making fun of her.. lol =P


eneres said...

Apparently she is not an ambassador for "Speak Good English Movement". Claims have been denied and she changed her tack when being questioned. She is so "pinocchio-ed"

Anonymous said...

She baby-talks - Boomz...Shingz.
Why is she Ms Low? Answering pun/sarcasm (Q dumb??) with dialect expletive was priceless. What an Ah Lian. Go Ris Go or "add more fuel".