25 October 2009

谈谈情, 舞舞狮 (Lion Hearts)

Finished the drama series 谈谈情,.舞舞狮 (Lion Hearts).

Its a collaboration between Malaysia's NTV7 and Singapore's Mediacorp TV.

Initially when I saw this series in my MobTV Menu, I didn't really want to watch, as most people may know that most dramas under the 7pm time-belt are usually Malaysia-Singapore collaborations, and are usually not as good as the 9pm dramas.

However, since I was bored, and didn't really have any other choices, I decided to give it a shot.

After watching one episode, I was kind of hooked, and within a week, I finished all 30 episodes. Crazy me. Its a very light-hearted series, so I encourage everyone to tune in once its released.

My favourite character is 文力唯 acted by this Malaysian actor by the name of 李承運 (fourth from left in the below picture).

I have no slightest clue who this guy is, but I must say he is really good in his role.

I am not sure when Mediacorp is going to telecast this, but I am sure it will be on the 7pm slot la. Very discriminating one Mediacorp.

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Anonymous said...

that guy should be berg lee