27 October 2009

Yummy Claypot at Joo Chiat

Went for supper with Bernard after classes. This time, he brought me to Yummy Claypot located at 360 Joo Chiat Road.

Have heard a few of my classmates raving about the food there, so I knew I had to try the food.

We reached around 10.30pm, the whole restaurant was empty, except for the both of us. The wait staffs and kitchen staffs were all crowding around, watching TV. Well, you cannot blame them for being bored, with no customers to serve.

We ordered their "Signature Chicken" ($10). My oh my, DELICIOUS!
I am not sure how they cook it, but the seasoning is great!
I seriously have never tasted chicken cooked like this before. SEDAP!

Ordered the "Vegetable's Smoothie". Didn't like it at all, has a very strong Celery taste, and Celery is like Oyster, you either love it or hate it. I am the latter!

Then come the main course. Our HUGE pot of Prawn Porridge ($15). You cannot really tell how big this clayout is from this picture, but the diameter is roughly that of a LARGE Pizza, about 15 inch?

The prawn porride is tasty. Its the soupy type, so if you either like to drink soup or eat watery porridge, you will love this. The other alternative is the Crab Porridge which is almost twice the price of the Prawn Porridge.

One pot can serve about 4 persons, so if you intend to visit Yummy Claypot for the porridge, do bring along more friends, so you can have greater variety!

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