04 October 2009

Jason & Yun ROM (2)

Part 1


Mushroom Soup

Lamb Shank

Fish and Chips

Devil's Curry

Jason opening a bottle of champagne

Cute baby

Uncle Pat, Aunty Pat, Joshua and Eunice looking at the coouple.

The champagne


Its night time....

The restaurant had this interesting "fake" candle that glows at night.

Exterior of the restaurant at night

Guests started to leave, left with the closer bunch of friends.

How can the Man not drink!

Since there was no hard liquor, we made him drink ONE JUG of BEER.

Yun came to his rescue, and took over the drink instead.
(Yun is a better drinker than Jason)

We then parted the place, but we didn't end the night there, we proceeded to our favourite haunt, KTV PUB!

Yes, we look tired because we were really tired. Imagine we met at 9am in the morning!

We ended the night with lots of Chivas and Martell, Jason getting drunk, and Yun & I sober as ever.
If you missed Part 1: HERE
Coming Up: Some professional pics taken by the official photographer that night.

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