14 October 2009

Jason & Yun ROM (3) - Taken by Professional Photographer

If you have missed the pics I posted:

Jason & Yun ROM (1)
Jason & Yun ROM (2)

This one is very much different from the previous 2 because these are pics professionally taken by the official photographer.

I must say his pictures are really beautifully taken!

And thanks to Yun, she gave me a CD Rom of all the pics which contain me. LOL.

Mic test, 1, 2, 3...

Good friends!

Escorting the Justice of The Peace

Taking "instructions" from "her"

Getting everyone's attention

Blending in the background


Candid black and white pic

Daven and I admiring the salad, or the cherry tomato?

Caught taking a pic


Group pic

Sarah and I posing with the blown-up dolls.

Everlasting love............

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