18 October 2009

Parental Guidance (Starring Adrian Pang & Jessica Hester Hsuan)

Just finished watching Parental Guidance Season 1 and 2.

I totally enjoyed the series largely due to Adrian Pang and Jessica Hsuan, or many may know her as 宣萱.

Prior to this, I have never known much about Jessica, except for the fact that she starred in the very popular Hong Kong drama series, Old Time Buddy, 难兄难弟 way back in the 1990s.

After watching this series, I am kind of obssessed with her, and a check with Wikipedia, I realise she is not just a good actress, but she is highly educated. She holds a degree from Imperial College London, that explains her very strong British accent throughout the show.

Jessica is super animated in all her expressions and gestures, and its really entertaining watching her.

Adrian, as usual, is as comedic as ever, and he never fails to make the character very likeable, although his role isn't very likeable to begin with, because he plays a super compulsive alcoholic, womaniser, bummer, and bad parent.

Season 1

I prefer the 3 kids in Season 1.

In Season 2, the "son" was blatantly replaced with an unknown child actor. The smallest daughter has a super strong British accent as well, and I thought it didn't really go well with a drama of such local context. For Jessica, it was fine because in the drama, she studied in England as well, but for the youngest daughter to speak with a super thick British accent when she was brought up in Singapore, nah, thumbs down.

Season 2

Oh, and for those who doesn't know, the eldest daugher in the series happens to be one of the top child violinist in the world today. I have seen a couple of documentaries about her before. She is super talented. Vanessa Mae in the making. I think her name is Fang Rong.

(Credits to Mediacorp TV for the pictures)

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