08 November 2009

Quarterly Meeting at Civil Service Club

Had our quarterly meeting at the Civil Service Club.


Everyone listening attentively

Lunch time! We walked to our favourite place for lunch!!!

Cassie making the orders

Their menu, so religious looking right?

They have quite a variety, but of course we ordered the dry and soup Bee Hoon which is their specialty.

Su and Shida had to order Nasi Padang at the nearby Muslim store.

I didn't really like their Sweet and Sour Fried Pork

This is pretty nice, we order this everytime we come here.

Soup version

Dry one - this is my personal favourite. I brought Irene here too the other time, and she also loved it!


After the morning first half of stressful projections and review, the second half was more on sharing.

Val sharing his point of view from the book "360 Leadership"

Ella caught making funny faces

Joanna taking down notes

The Tapioca Crisps that was left untouched

Cassie and Lynn

Our perception of one another

After the meeting, we had our team bonding session at the Karaoke Room!

Cassie and Jerry singing oldies, giving Lynn a shock! LOL!

Kelly taking pictures of the duo.


Like all KTV boxes, fruits are heavily priced here.

The next line of leaders.

Albert, the thorn among the roses.

Kelly sang to JJ's song.


Jerry having a hard time selecting his song....

Cassie in action.

We had a lot of fun that day, we ended the session at around 6pm, and called it a day.
We need more of such sessions to unwind!!!

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Anonymous said...

May I know where is the place u all went for lunch?

Marc said...

hi anonymous, I do not know the exact address or the name of the coffeeshop. But its directly opposite the Farrer Park MRT station. From the coffeeshop, you can also see the new condominium project.

There is a cluster of HDB flats at that area, and that would be the area.