08 February 2010

Children and education.

I am blogging, while on my way to my favourite food stall to buy my dinner, thanks to data roaming.

Just a while ago, I was on the train, fiddling with my iPhone when I heard the voice of a toddler. He was going ,"Mum, iPhone, an orange iPhone."

That caught my attention, and i decided to blog about it.

I glanced down the petite toddler, who was holding on to mum's hand, just to do a quick analysis of his age, and I was pleasantly taken aback, that the boy in question was a three to four year old boy. I was surprised at how street smart the kids these days are, because I remember vaguely, that when I was three, I could probably only yak and murmur nonsensical words.

Are kids growing up faster because of the food they eat, the upbringing (more educated parents), or simply just evolution?

We can now see children engaging in adult-like negotiations with their parents, when situations aren't in their favour. When I was a kid, I had no such luxury! What my parents said was final, I'm sure most of you late twenties and thirties can identify.

With better education, healthier and more organic food, better educated parents, and evolution all factored it, I believe, in the very near future, the education system, the world over, is going to get so complicated, even parents will have a hard time coaching their children.

This is already evident in the Singapore Primary Education System. A few of my friends and colleagues, who have Primary School children, have raised their displeasure with the level of difficulty in their Mathematical Syllabus.

So, is modernisation working for us, or against us?

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