25 February 2010

Pizza Hut Delivery

After neglecting Pizza Hut for the longest time, I decided to give their food a try again one fine day.

As it was just for myself, I ordered the Drumlets (10 pieces), and a Personal Pan Pizza.

The Drumlets - this is my favourite, thus I reckoned 6 pieces wouldn't be enough for me, and ordered the 10 pieces instead.

This Personal Pan Pizza was disappointing. The crust was thick, the pizza was dry, I felt like I was eating stale pizza, that was left untouched for 2 days.

And where was my "Hot Dot"?
There was no dot for me to gauge whether my pizza arrived hot, as per Pizza Hut's Guarantee?!

I wonder is it because their delivery / preparation team couldn't be bothered, or my "Personal Pan Pizza" was too small for their to even care?

Disappointed, because they kept going on and on about this "niche" idea in their TV commercials, and they couldn't deliver.


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