22 February 2010

Reunion Dinner

For me, Chinese New Year is a time for me to "reunite" with my friends, friends whom I usually have no time for, that is.

This year, Esther invited me over to her house for Reunion Dinner again. This was the third time, though not consecutive.

She usually prepares steamboat and Tepanyaki.
This was only one third the actual spread.
It seems most families these days like to eat Steamboat / Tepanyaki during Reunion Dinners, because its fuss free...

After dinner, I went into the room to "visit" her many pets.
Her house is literally a "Pet Safari"!

Look at the number of hamsters she have, big and small!!!!
Imagine a shelf of hamsters!

Thats a first for me.

This is Dodo, her rabbit. She also has 2 Guinea Pigs, and planning to buy some more pets.....

Her rabbit Dodo is so cute, its left to run around like a dog..... LOL
I hope I can get myself a dog (Toy Poodle) too one day.

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