20 February 2010

Gyoza no Ohsho Singapore (Japanese)

Today, I am going to introduce a very under-rated Japanese restaurant (cafe? coffeeshop?), that is tucked away in a corner of Somerset, Orchard.

Its located in H2O Zone, at Cuppage Plaza.

This was my third visit to the stall, and all three times, I couldn't not rave about the Potato Salad!!! My Goodness, the Thousand Island sauce, the potatoes, and the crunchy vegetables, simply make the salad the best Potato Salad I have ever eaten, I swear!

They are pretty famous for their Ramen. Usually Jason and Yun would order their Ramens, but because I am not a big fan of Ramen, I just took a few bites from their bowls. Not too bad.

This is one of their Side Dishes, where you can order just by topping up a few bucks, when you order a Ramen. Good! Crispy, and nicely pan fried!!!

This is surprisingly, also a side dish....
Its call "半炒饭", which directly translates to "Half Fried Rice".
Why is it called "Half Fried Rice"?
Because the portion is only half, so its not meant to be eaten as a main course.
Its secondary to your Ramen.
The fried rice here is really fragrant.

This dish was new to us. Its french fries and chicken cooked with tomato sauce.
Pretty decent, but after a few mouths of it, it got really "gelared".
Overall, its worth the visit here. They also sell Japanese beer here too.
A standard meal for about 3 persons, would set you back by around $40, with main and side dishes all in.
The next time you are in Somerset, do pop by and try the food here.
**A note of warning though, they are extremely crowded during dinner time, all week.

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