01 February 2010

麻辣香锅 Ma La Xiang Guo (Big Bowl) @ 313 Somerset Food Republic

Some of you might have already heard about the BIG BOWL HOO HAA at 313 Somerset Food Republic Food Court.

I have tried the food twice, and I must say the presentation is really eye-catching, and the food is pretty decent, and delicious. Its a tad too spicy though, so for those who cannot take spicy food, I would strongly suggest you stay away from this.

The concept is unique.

You select the ingredients from a wide variety displayed like a steamboat restaurant counter, then you pass the selected ingredients to the counter. They weigh the ingredients, segregate them accordingly, and you pay for the food.

After you pay, you just have to wait for 10 to 15 mins, and VOILA, the food is ready.

A word of advice though, be careful not to take too much, because you might get a SHOCK when the cashier tells you the bill. Look at mine below!

This was whats left after 1 hour...
SPICY to the MAX!

This was for 3 person, so I thought it was really really too expensive!!! Considering this stall is in a food court and its self service, I think the price was exorbitant!

Its worth a try, just exercise some discretion when selecting your ingredients! Haha.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been there but this is actually Food Republic under the BreadTalk group umbrella.. :)

Marc said...

Anonymous, really its Food Republic and not Banquet?


I will verify, and if its really my mistake, i will make the amendments to the post.

Thanks for highlighting!

Hope you enjoyed the food...,

Marc said...

Indeed it is Food Republic and not Banquet, have amended. Thanks

Anonymous said...

the one at 230 geylang rd teste better..

Marc said...

Anonymous, thanks for the recommendation.