02 February 2010

St James Power Station, Club Bubbery & Siam Bangkok (all in one day!)

Clubbed in 3 places, all in one day, thats what I call, SIAO!

First, we went to Powerhouse, at St James Power Station. We ordered 2 bottles of Whiskey, as they were having a promotion.

The music sucked, so we decided to change to another place, and since Eddie and Sarah were at Club Bubbery, I decided to get Clarence and Joanne along to join them.

Club Bubbery used to be called Club Cherry.

Here, both the music and singers are GREAT!

This is one of the Thai singers, one of the popular ones there.

Over here, we had a Canon of Martell....

After the club closed at around 4am, we moved on to Siam Bangkok, also a Thai Disco, and this one was utterly disappointing!
The music so-so, the singing mediocre, and the crowd...? What crowd?

This was the only other table of customers in the entire club, other than us!

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