23 February 2010

Sakura Japanese Restaurant at Dhoby Gaut

10 of us went to Sakura at Dhoby Gaut to "Lao Yu Sheng".

This year I had 2 such sessions. One is this, which we organized for the Mid Management, and we had another session at "No Signboard" with the Upper Management, which I will blog about later.

Salmon. I finally like Salmon, after giving it one more try that day.
Its not so bad afterall. Maybe the first time I ate it, I was served the 'not so fresh' ones, thus I always had the impression that Salmon had this stale taste, but after trying it at Sakura, I was proven wrong.

Yu Sheng

The cracker

The selection of food in Sakura is commendable.
They have so many variety that we were spoilt for choices.
That day (weekday lunch), we were the only customers in the whole restaurant, so we had the whole buffet area to ourselves.
I only took pictures of a few of the food which I had taken.
Ebi Tempura (Fried Prawns)

Mock Sharks Fin Soup - THUMBS DOWN!!! Sucks!

Crab Bee Hoon - Not good, its full of ginger taste, I can barely taste any "crab" soup base.

Peking Duck - Average, the meat serving was a little pathetic.

Durian Puffs, Chocolate Cakes - Good, their desserts here were pretty delicious, generious serving of durian paste in the puffs.

Mango Sago, Longan - They have a very wide selection of fruits in their fruits section - Papaya, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Longan, Banana, Apple, etc... You name it, they have it.

King's Ice Cream. This is good, because usually other buffet joints only give their customers 3 selection of flavours for the ice-cream. Sakura has more than 10 flavours for you to choose from.

I tried the Jackfruit flavour, with my all-time-favourite chocolate rice, and yes, it was fabulous.
I had 2 servings of 3 scoops each!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I would recommend it to my friends, because the selection here is value for money.
All other outlets are charging $20+, while this Dhoby Gaut branch charges $22+ for lunch.
For dinner prices, please do check out their website: http://www.sukigroup.com.sg/

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