21 February 2010

Ramly Burger

There was a Pasar Malam near my house, and Ramly Burger was there too!
Without thinking twice, I popped over, to buy myself 2 burgers, because I was famished!

Ramly Burger now comes with proper paper wrapper, unlike last time.

I am not sure if the recipe was the franchise owner's own recipe or a Ramly's new recipe, but I must compliment the burger for its fantastic seasoning, and bigger-than-usual Chicken Patty.

Maybe I am comparing the ones I used to eat in Malaysia, thus its not apple to apple comparison.
Wow, the Singapore Ramly burgers are damm good, but I remember pretty clearly that the Ramly Burger that was sold in Raffles Place last year at the Bazaar didn't taste so good...

Either ways, I am definitely going to get myself a Ramly Burger again, the next time I see the stall somewhere!

I love Ramly Burger. Yummy!

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