17 October 2008

Singapore City Gallery by URA

Do you know these facts about Singapore?

· 4.5 million people
· 60 islands
· the size of 68,200 football fields
· 12% increase in size since 1960s
· tropical forest nature reserve in the centre of the city
· more than 6,500 conservation buildings

Well, if you are interested to know more about the future development of Singapore, do visit the Singapore City Gallery opened by the URA Singapore.

Here some some of the miniature models of Singapore you will see when you visit the place.

Opening hours are: 9.00am – 5.00pm (Mon to Sat)
Admission is free

3 Macro Voice(s):

Jas said...

Hi Marc,

when will u be posting the rest of the Zodiac for 2009....heehhee..

Anonymous said...

This is interesting! Didn't know about the facts of Singapore. Haha! =)

Marc, 27 said...

ken, do visit the URA City Gallery then, you will be amazed.