10 October 2009

28th Birthday Bash at Intercontinental Hotel Suite (Day 2)

Woke up to a bright and cheery morning!

Smaller group for the second day, thus food preparation was so much easier.

Tea and coffee section in the hotel room, which I only noticed on day 2.
Not too impressive for a 5-star hotel.


Albert, Yenny and Joanna

Noel, Ronald, and their friends.

Archie and Ronald

Having fun

Time to cut cake AGAIN. And everyone were full of praises for the super delicious Chocolate Cake from Intercontinental Hotel.

Jennefer, Joanna and I. We miss Pauline!

Ronald's work.


The White Chocolate slice on the cake

Mother Mary or ?

Noel and Jen

Yenny and Ronald? Scandalous!!!

Group photo

Writing material for our game. Look at that lipstick looking thing, its actually a pen!



The Game....

The Losers drink up!

At around 4am, my friends left. I had the suite all to myself for today. LOL.
Was a wonderful birthday again this year and I am glad all my close friends shared this special day with me!

Love all my presents, but just a few of my really favourite ones:
This is really a unique way of giving me "Ang Pows", don't you think so?

I like this Raoul tie a lot, though I seldom wear ties.

Really exquisite Pen from Campo Marzio!
Love it!
Thanks Sam!

Lacoste Polo Tee, so love it.
Have always wanted to buy one.
Hmm, still don't dare to wear it because its pink.

I like this black tie with heard shapes and a matching pair of Cuff Links!

All in all, I received really great presents this year, and lots of lunch and dinner treats from sis, Irene, Cassie, Lynn, Simon, etc.....
Thanks everyone! Love....

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