07 June 2010

Bali Day Four

Our final day in Bali. We wasted no time, and as early as 10am, we were already at their Weekend Bazaar.

They have a new Pullman Hotel here. If I ever come back to Bali, I want to stay in Pullman.
My last experience with Pullman Bangkok was extremely pleasant!
Best of all, Pullman Bali is smack in the centre of Kuta Beach!

Surfing School

How to come to Bali, and not buy Quiksilver? Its almost impossible!

I am going to miss the fruit juices!

Last lunch in Bali

Pork Steak

For our well deserved body massage, before we headed to the airport!

Extra Large Slippers.

Foot Scrub

Rashida enjoying her pedicure.

I, NOT enjoying my Foot Massage.

I cannot stand this lady. The whole time she was massaging my hands, she keeps rubbing my hands onto her boobs. I feel like giving her a punch!

Hair Spa

Our last Stop before our Bali Trip comes to an end. Last minute shopping at Carrefour!

Rashida, extremely satisfied with her Manicure!

Our last dinner was at A&W.

Inside the Carrefour Shopping Mall.


Supermarket Proper.

Lots of colourful Keropok!!!!

The Airport, reality check.

We were flown back by Qatar, thanks to an overbooked KLM.

Prada Reflexology? Diversification from the fashion business?

Last pic before we boarded the plane.

We were pretty lucky to be put on Qatar, as the entertainment system was great!

This over zealous Cabin Crew was seen chatting up with a gorgeous male passenger, on the pretext of being extra friendly, but Rashida and I knew she was flirting!

Dinner served was good.

End of Bali. I miss Bali!

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