26 June 2010

Quan Yi Feng Hits Taxi Driver 权怡凤打德士司机

Not again? Why can't she just behave? Goodness!
My dislike for her has just gone 2 notches higher.
My question is, why did her friend not help her with her luggage?
And if she is so particular about someone helping her with her luggage, why did she not flare up at her friend?
Also, when she starting hitting the taxi driver "below his belt", why did her male companion not stop her?
She has to behave, does she realise she is a public figure?

权怡凤被指搭德士发飙 爆粗口踢伤司机

德士司机陈先生(52岁)受访时说,今早8时左右,一名30来岁的男子,在东海岸路上段的路边 截了他的德士 ,指示他开往纳乐路的华新阁公寓接人,然后要前往樟宜机场。
陈先生说,他当下赶紧打电话通知朋友帮忙报警,但权怡凤在警方抵达前,与女儿和男伴截了另一辆 德士离开

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eneres said...

It's unbelievable man...

Marc said...

Eneres, it's believeable because she is the only celeb / artiste who would do such a thing, other than Patricia Mok.

Y said...

Have you ever thought that it is because people would believe that she did such thing, that is why the report turns out this way?

It must have got to do with something that sparked off the quarrel. And personally, I do not believe that she would do such things.
And agreeing upon something pointed out by a reader was, "Why didn't the taxi driver take down picutres to show that she was creating a havoc in his taxi if she has been doing so for a WHOLE 15 MINUTES?"
He has a phone with him (because he called his friend to make police report for him), and how likely is it that his phone doesn't have the camera function, and pointing that out again, why didn't he make his own police report but asked his friend to make the police report instead?

We shall see when the truth comes to light.

Anonymous said...

now the police has charged her. lets really hope the truth comes to light.

Anonymous said...

It is a public outrage that she got out scot free.