16 June 2010

IndoChine Waterfront Restaurant

Of late, I have been having bad dining experiences. Either the food was not up to mark, or the service standards were poor. This one belongs to the same flock.

IndoChine Waterfront Restaurant.
IndoChine has a good reputation for providing great dining experiences with great ambience. I must say they only satisfy the latter.

The menu was tantalising. Just looking at the description of the food, one could salivate.
I chose Menu B. FYI, one set lunch costs $50++ per head.

My appetiser was pathetic. I didn't expect to see one pathetic rice roll as appetiser for a $50 set lunch.

The main course was well presented. I was impressed.
Of the 4 items on the main course, only 2 were nice.
Whats with the raw vegetables?

A closer look at the 4 dishes.

The dessert was a fruit platter, not impressive.
The annoying thing was that although Coffee/Tea was stated clearly on the Set Menu, but we were not served either of that. The bill came after we ate the dessert / fruits.
The meal for about 10 of us came up to more than $500.
Michael Ma needs to look into the standards of his chain of restaurants man!

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eneres said...

Hawker's $3 char kway teow or $4 chap cai png look/taste way better than these!

Marc said...

eneres, true. I did not feel satisfied after I walked out from Indo Chine, unlike after I eat my Curry Rice from you know where!