18 June 2010

Gangnaroo - The Korean Restaurant (Boat Quay)

Albert treated Yuki, Joanna and myself for lunch for his birthday.

As we could not get seats in most restaurants during lunch hours, we ended up at Gangnaroo, The Korean Restaurant.

We have passed by this restaurant countless times, and each time, it was packed.

This restaurant is operated like a family business, as apparently only the husband and wife were taking orders and serving the food. Yes, they are Koreans, so you can rest assured food here is authentically Korean.

We requested to shift outside to the outdoor area, as the poor ventilation in the restaurant was suffocating.

Other than the poor ventilation, there really isn't much to complain here. I must say food is generally pleasing to our taste buds, and the Korean couple is really genuinely sincere in their service. Kudos to them to maintaining good service even though the restaurant was packed.

BBQ Bulgogi Chicken.

This Pork Belly tastes great!
Its very nicely seasoned with Salt, and its not gelared for that matter.

The dessert was a tad disappointing, as the fruits were sour, instead of being sweet.
I am not sure if its a Korean thing that desserts are served sour, if it is, please let me know.

A set lunch for 4 persons cost only $68, so the meal was worth every cent. I would definitely visit this restaurant again for the BBQ Bulgogi Chicken and the Pork Belly. Its a B+.


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