20 June 2010

Kim Choo - Famous Peranakan Rice Dumplings

After KTV at Teo Heng, I decided to pop by Kim Choo, to buy their famous Bak Chang (Rice Dumplings). Their Dumplings cost $2.50 per dumpling when I bought it, but a closer look at their price list revealed that their dumplings will go for $4.50 during the Festival!

The Nonya Dumpling is average, but I must say that the Salty Dumpling is above average.
The filling is very generous, with lots of meat and Mushroom (I love Dumplings with a lot of mushrooms). There was also two "Gao Luck" (Roasted Chestnut). Too bad for me, I don't like Chestnuts in my Dumplings. I ate my dumplings with Belachan Chilli, and they tasted better than usual! Yummy!

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eneres said...

Alamak u want let me know lar.. Tiong Bahru market carries Kim Choo's dumplings :)

And yes i also love their salted ones, esp with salted egg! SHIOK!

Marc said...

eneres, its never to late, just bring some salty zhang over when u visit again! lol.